Recommendation on Critical Technology Areas

On 3 Oct 2023 the European Commission has adopted a Recommendation on critical technology areas to assess risks to the EU's economic security.

The Commission has identified ten critical technology areas based on criteria like their transformative potential and the risk of misuse. Among these, four areas are considered highly sensitive: Advanced Semiconductors, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Technologies, and Biotechnologies.

The Commission recommends that Member States conduct collective risk assessments for these four areas, emphasizing consultation with the private sector and confidentiality protection. They will also consider further risk assessments for additional technology areas and consider ongoing EU actions to enhance competitiveness.

The Commission will engage with Member States to initiate the risk assessments and engage in an open dialogue regarding the timing and scope of further assessments. The outcome of these assessments will determine any necessary measures to promote, partner, or protect these technology areas.

This initiative is part of the European Economic Security Strategy, which aims to promote EU economic competitiveness, protect against various risks, and engage in partnerships with other countries to address shared concerns. The Recommendation is focused on addressing risks related to technology security and technology leakage, marking the third category of actions in the strategy.

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Date: 03/11/2023 | Tag: | News: 1510 of 1589
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