Publication of call for tender 'Antisuperbugs'

A call for tender “Antisuperbugs” has been published by six European procuring entities under the lead of our supporting member - Agència de Qualitat i Avaluació Sanitària de Catalunya (AQuAS).

The procurement will take the form of a pre-commercial procurement (PCP) aiming to buy R&D services for the development of early -and continuous- detection systems of microorganisms that may lead to hospital-acquired infections.

The procuring entities challenge the industry to develop a ICT solutions to able to:

  • detect the presence of resistant microorganisms;
  • give real-time feedback to the user; and at the same time
  • share the information with the healthcare provider electronic record systems linking the infection with the place of detection.

In this regard, AQuAS has been appointed to coordinate and lead the joint PCP, and to sign and award the framework agreement and the specific contracts for all phases of the PCP, in the name and on behalf of the following Buyers Group:

  1. ICO (Catalan Institute of Oncology/Catalan Nosocomial Infections Surveillance Programme), Spain
  2. UKA (Aachen University Hospital), Germany
  3. STH (Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust), UK
  4. PAT (Provincia Autonoma di Trento), Italy
  5. HELIOS (HELIOS Universitätsklinikum Wuppertal), Germany
  6. FMT (Fundació Mutua de Terrassa), Spain

The budget allocated for the research and development and testing of these innovative solutions is 3.45 million euros.

Next steps

  • The deadline for submission of proposals is 28 October 2019. Should you interested, please consult the tutorial for bidders available here.
  • Please find the call documents are published on the TED platform and the public procurement platform.
  • The procurement – from the tender procedure until the subsequent performance of contracts – is expected to end in 29/08/2021.

For any further question, please feel free to contact the antisuperbugs project at or ask them through the procurement platform question and queries form. 

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