Presentation of VPHi at the AAAS conference in Seattle (WA) 2020

The VPHi executive director, Prof Lies Geris, will give a talk on VPH at the AAAS Annual Meeting.

The 2020 AAAS Annual Meeting will take place February 13-16 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, WA.Ā The 2020 AAAS meeting program focuses on drawing on our current understanding of the world, and bravely experimenting with forward-thinking visions, the scientific community needs to respond with developments to help solve many pressing problems.Ā 

The VPHi director will present the Virtual Physiological Human concept in a session entitled ā€œBioinformatics and AI: Innovative Approaches to Research and Data Storageā€ in the ā€œBiomedical Futuresā€ track.Ā 

More details on the talk are available on the conference website at this link:Ā

Full information on the conference can be found hereĀ

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