Preliminary Market Consultation for a virtual human twin models platform

The European Commission has launched a preliminary market consultation in the context of the upcoming procurement delivering a platform for advanced virtual human twin models integration and validation under the DIGITAL Work programme 2023-24. Deadline: 02 June 2023

A virtual human twin (VHT) is a computational model of human patho-physiological processes at different anatomical scales. VHTs hold enormous potential in health and care, namely by delivering on personalised care from targeted prevention to tailored clinical pathways and supporting healthcare professionals in virtual environments (e.g. from medical training to surgical intervention planning) and the metaverse. They can make a significant contribution to achieving the goals of the European Health Union.

With the publication of the DIGITAL Work programme 23-24 (item 2.3.3; page 60), the European Commission invites private and public entities from the information technology, healthcare and life sciences industries and the wider scientific research community to participate in this Preliminary Market Consultation for the upcoming procurement delivering a platform for advanced VHT models integration and validation.

The purpose of this Preliminary Market Consultation is to acquire information regarding the current and future capabilities that can provide different operational solutions for an advanced VHT models integration and validation platform, including for example advanced software, supporting infrastructure and services.

Submit your response to Preliminary Market Consultation by the 2nd of June.

Full information can be found here

Date: 23/05/2023 | Tag: | News: 1460 of 1588
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