Plenty of funding opportunities for VPH in the Horizon 2020 draft Work Programme 2016-2017

Thanks to the hard word of the Policy Affairs Work Group of the Institute, VPH has significantly boosted its presence in the next H2020 Work Programme.
H2020 Funding Opportunities

The month of March saw the leak of two relevant Horizon 2020-related documents: the Scoping Paper for Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge 'Health, demographic change and well-being' and the European Commission’s draft SC1 Work Programme 2016-2017 in the field of personalised medicine.

Significantly, within the main orientations of the Scoping Paper, the Commission recognises that personalised in silico medicine will help prevention, well-being, functional re-education and early diagnosis. But most importantly, the draft SC1Work Programme includes a number of calls for projects directly related to VPH:

  • DG-RTD: Stratifications for Personalized Therapies¬†
  • DG-RTD: The European Human Biomonitoring Initiative
  • DG-RTD: Clinical Research on Regenerative Medicine
  • DG-RTD: ¬†Clinical Validation of Smart Implants, Bio-artifical Organs and Replacement Technologies¬†
  • DG-RTD:¬†Cell Technologies in Medical Applications Technologies¬†
  • DG-RTD: Valorization of FP7 Health and H2020 SC1 Research Results
  • DG-RTD: To Implement the Strategic Research Agenda on Personalized Medicine
  • DG-RTD: Coordinating Personalised Medicine
  • DG-RTD: Remedial Actions to Bridge the Divide in European Health Research and Innovation
  • DG-CNET: Support for e-Health related European SMEs, stimulating Innovation, Investment and Growth, including Clinical Validation of VPH Solutions
  • DG-CNET: ICT Solutions on Active and Healthy¬†Ageing based on Open Platforms
  • DG-CNET:¬†PPI for Deployment and Scaling up of ICT Solutions for¬†Active and Healthy¬†Ageing
  • DG-CNET:¬†EU Japan Research and Development Cooperation in ICT¬†for¬†Active and Healthy¬†Ageing
  • DG-CNET: Research Activities in Personalized Coaching for Well-Being of Older Persons
  • DG-CNET: In Silico Clinical Trials
  • DG-CNET: Personalised Computer Modelisation and In Silico Systems for Well- Being
  • DG-CNET: Big Data Supporting Public Health Policies
It needs to be noted that this document constitutes a draft and it is not publically available, and as such it may be subject to changes. However, this represents a significant boost for VPH, not only because it shows that in silico medicine is higher in the political European agenda, but because it crystallises the work being done by the Institute to ensure funding for in silico medicine by further supporting the development of ‚Äėin silico‚Äô models and methods in Horizon 2020.


H2020 Funding Opportunities

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