PIC to train 15 innovation leaders in Computational Cardiology

PIC, a recently funded European ITN, will train a cohort of 15 future innovation leaders able to articulate and materialise the vision of Personalised In-silico Cardiology (PIC), where healthcare is guided by in silico models.

The PIC in silico models are virtual reconstructions of an individual, or avatars, used to evaluate current health status and therapy options. PIC fellows will build both mechanistic and statistical models from clinical data, enabling the extraction of biomarkers for better diagnosis and prognosis of the individual patient. These models are applied to maximise the value of clinical data to inform diagnosis, and to optimise clinical devices & drug choices to deliver a personalised therapy.

The project will train 15 innovation leaders, creating a unique opportunity for an exciting PhD programme coordinated among 10 academic, industrial and clinical institutions, and 9 more associated partners.

The 15 positions will open next August.

Further information can be found here

Date: 04/07/2017 | Tag: | News: 630 of 1581
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