Opportunity to join the European Cancer Imaging Initiative

The EUCAIM project funded under the Digital Europe Programme has launched its open call for new beneficiaries to join the project deploying the Cancer Image Europe platform.

The EUCAIM project is deploying the Cancer Image Europe platform which will allow for the development and benchmarking, testing and piloting of AI-based tools for personalised and predictive medicine for cancer.

The Cancer Image Europe infrastructure is the cornerstone of the European Cancer Imaging Initiative, one of the flagships of Europeā€™ Beating Cancer Plan. In September 2023, EUCAIM delivered the first version of the infrastructure, marking a significant milestone for the initiative

Using artificial intelligence tools developed and trained on the large amounts of high-quality data representative of the European population, healthcare professionals will be able to detect cancer sooner, faster, and more accurately, tailoring the most effective treatment for cancer patients and improving their health outcomes. AI-based technologies can also help avoid unnecessary biopsies and help detect pre-tumoral changes so that the medical professional can schedule for faster follow-up studies.

EUCAIMā€™s open call represents an opportunity to contribute to the goals of the European Cancer Imaging Initiative, and the Europeā€™s Beating Cancer Plan, leveraging digital technologies and AI to combat cancer. In particular, the call aims to:

  • onboard new cancer image data holders to the Cancer Image Europe platform, increasing the geographic dimensions, data modalities and/or cancer targets
  • include new reliable AI algorithms trained on the cancer image data of the repositoryĀ­

For more information about the call, please visit this link: https://www.cancerimage.eu/open-call/

Date: 30/05/2024 | Tag: | News: 1583 of 1588
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