Networking session on 'in silico medicine' during ICT 2013

The VPH Institute was selected to lead one of the networking sessions that will take place at the ICT2013 conference in Vilnius (6-8 November 2013). You are all invited to attend and give your contribution.

The scope of this networking session will be to expose the vision of the VPH community on the role of in silico medicine as one of the priorities of H2020.

More than 4000 researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, industry representatives, young people and politicians are expected in Vilnius. The event will focus on Horizon 2020 - the EU's Framework Programme for Research and Innovation for 2014-2020 and it will be an excellent opportunity to network with decision-makers and experts, and to share details about VPH and its activities.

The "In silico medicine - all hands meeting" will take place on 8 November 2013, 09:00 – 09:45 in room H1F and it will see among the speakers the representatives of four support actions currently running in this field:

  • Discipulus 
  • INBIOMEDvision 
  • PHS Foresight 
  • Avicenna

During the event the "Joint statement on in silico medicine research in Europe" will be presented and discussed with the participants so to find a consensus on the following topics:

a) Integrative means across scales, across organ systems, and across disciplines

b) There is no preferential scale, preferential clinical target, preferential approach

c) H2020 should support in silico medicine research across the whole cycle:

  •   Generation of information (sequencing, imaging, sensing, etc.)
  •   Management of information (bioinformatics, health informatics, etc.)
  •   Processing of information (duration, data mining, image processing, etc.)
  •   Explorative modelling (classic and Bayensian modelling, machine learning, etc.)
  •   Mechanistic modelling (systems biology, VPH, physiological modelling)
  •   Systems (decision support systems, computer aided medicine)
  •   Translation (pre-clinical and clinical validation, efficacy and impact assessment)

d)  H2020 should support in silico medicine at all maturity levels:

  •   Initial – fundamental methodological research, visionary research
  •   Repeatable – Pre-clinical validation of single components, in vitro, on animals, ex vivo
  •   Defined – Pre-clinical and early clinical validation of complete pathways
  •   Managed – Clinical accuracy, mono-centric efficacy studies
  •   Optimizing – Multi-centric efficacy studies, impact analysis, cost-benefit studies
More details about the event are available here
Download the Joint statement on in silico medicine research in Europe 

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