MySpine: Patient Specific Spinal treatments simulations

MySpine project (ICT-2009.5.3 VPH) aims to create a clinical predictive tool that will help to determine the best treatment for low back pain by providing clinicians with patient-specific biomechanical and mechanobiological analysis. For more information you can now watch the video!

Low back pain is a well‐known and widely spread illness. With a prevalence estimates for chronic low back pain between 6 and 11% and an annual direct cost of low back pain of 7000 € per person, billions are spent each year in Europe on treating this disorder.

Lumbar spine surgery leads to satisfactory short‐term pain relief, but long/midterm outcomes are less positive due to incremental degeneration problems and pain resurgence.

The goal of the project is to create a predictive tool for clinicians that will assist them in choosing the best treatment for low back pain by providing patient-specific analysis. This project will focus on disc degeneration pathology due to its prevalence, although the developed prototype system will be able to analyze other spinal pathologies as well. A promotional video of the MySpine project has been recently created. This video is mainly addressed to the clinician and public community with the aim of giving a better comprehension and benefits of the project by using a brief and visual explanation.

The film can be already watched in YouTube:

Moreover, an electronic newsletter is sent every two months to highlight the main results and outputs of the project, including news, recent achievements, published work and upcoming events.

All the published issues are also available on the MySpine website:

For further information:



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