Multiple PhD studentships are available at the University of Oxford

PhD studentships are now available at the University of Oxford Doctoral Training Centres in fields related to VPH research. Next closing date: 23 January 2015.
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The four-year Systems Biology PhD programme provides a tailored training programme for graduates from mathematical, physical or biological sciences backgrounds who have received, or are on target to achieve, a strong 2:1 degree or above and who wish to conduct research in the interdisciplinary field of Systems Biology. The programme facilitates the development of leading-edge research in the techniques that underpin the work of groups across the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences at the University of Oxford. The courses are designed to enable students to obtain a sufficiently broad insight across a rapidly-evolving experimental and theoretical landscape so that they can ask the right questions to set and meet future research challenges in this area.

University of Oxford aims to train the next generation of scientists who will work to meet the challenges of transforming the wealth of biological data made available through recent experimental advances into a predictive and quantitative understanding of living systems. Progress will require continued technological advances across the range of experimental techniques in the wet laboratory, in imaging and monitoring, and in biological and chemical synthesis. These technological advances, often grounded in novel physical sciences research, will be matched by the development of new mathematical and computational approaches which model the underlying biological processes at the systems level. These developments will go hand in hand, as theoretical models are increasingly used to predict novel experimental avenues, and experimental data are in turn used to build and validate theoretical models.

A major advantage of the programme is that the choice of PhD project is not made until after the completion of two terms of taught modules covering the breadth of scientific knowledge and techniques needed to carry out successful research, followed by two short research projects with prospective PhD academic supervisors situated within groups across the University. The student is then empowered to make a fully informed choice of substantive research project.

Fully funded studentships are available for home and EU students (RCUK eligibility criteria apply) for the forthcoming academic year (2015 entry).

Full details of the programme and how to apply can be found at

There are also related programmes on Systems Approaches to Biomedical Science, and Biomedical Imaging.


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