MD-Paedigree Final Conference: “From Algorithms to Clinical Decisions”

On 22 - 23 May 2017 in Rome, MD-Paedigree held the conference that marked the end of this successful project.

The conference has seen the participation of experts from all around Europe convening to discuss project results and their potential impact on clinical practice. This was done in the broader framework of the latest developments and impending innovations in the field of VPH modelling, advanced big (healthcare) data analytics and artificial intelligence tools, and relevant clinical validation. 

The review of the project was entrusted to high level experts in the relevant clinical areas, who expressed high favourable comments on the project final outcomes.  They highlighted that, despite several criticalities remarked along the project path, the Consortium has been able to identify critical strategies to overcome these issues and reach remarkable results in its final stage.

For additional information, please check the MD-Paedigree website.

You can also download the final issue of the MD-Paedigree newsletter: "Way ahead: project results and future perspectives"

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