Mapping the use of computer modeling & simulation in clinics

The VPHi is excited to launch the 1st survey specifically designed for clinicians to map their level of knowledge and use of computer modeling & simulation.

Over the last decade, we have seen incredible advances in the research leading to the realisation of the vision of the VPHi. At the last VPH conference, we have also witnessed an increase in the use of computer modeling & simulation to improve effectively clinical care. Successful experiences have been reported in scientific publications and presentations, but the spread of computer modeling & simulation in clinical practice is not always reflected timely and accurately in the literature.

Hence, we would like to take a snapshot of the current status of the clinical uptake of in silico medicine technologies and get insights on applications, level of acceptance and current barriers. The results of this survey will be openly shared with the whole community. Please get involved by sharing the survey with your clinical colleagues!

Survey link:

Final deadline 7 March 2021

(Note that filling the survey should not take longer than 10 minutes)

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