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The call for apply for a seat in the Board of Directors of the VPHi Institute is now open. Board members are selected to drive the Institute’s policy and define the annual activity plan the VPHi will focus over the year. Don't miss the opportunity to take an active role in guiding our Institute in 2021!

Once a year the VPH Institute opens the call for supporting members, who are the members that through the payment of an annual supporting quota, will have access to a seat in the Board of Directors of our organisation. Supporting members are the engine of the institute: they drive our policy, set agendas and propose specific actions to pursue the goal of our organisation: making in silico medicine a reality!

The Institute assigns a maximum of 12 supporting memberships, number that shall guarantee the effectiveness of our governance model. In case the number of received requests will be higher, the General Assembly will decide upon it through a formal vote.

The supporting fee is set at¬†‚ā¨5.000. Being the membership with the highest level of involvement, supporting members have the duty (and the benefit connected) to sustain a major part of the financial viability of the Institute.

Call for supporting members - Q&A

  • Who can participate to the call?

The call is accessible by all organizations that are legally established and whose legal status, articles of association and activities are supportive of the purpose of the VPH institute.

  • What are the benefits of the supporting membership?

- Appoint a representative to the board of director

- Drive the VPH Institute’s policy (in all its aspects: proposing specific actions, setting agendas…)

- Associate your own institution to the visibility of the VPH institute as a whole

- Full access to all the initiatives the VPH institute takes part to.

Download the benefit scheme for more details.

  • How can you participate to the call?

To respond to the call, you will need to send a letter of commitment (signed by the legal representative of your organization) to the Institute Manager: In the letter, you will be requested to:

- Appoint a representative

- Approve the Statute of the VPH Institute 

Download the letter of commitment template

  • What is the submission deadline?

September 30th, 2020

  • What is the current supporting member composition?

The supporting membership institutions form the BoD. Its current composition can be viewed here

  • When will the new board take charge?

From Jan 2021, as soon we will receive the payment of the supporting quota (‚ā¨.5000). The board mandate will last for one solar year.

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