Join the VPH Institute: new fees and new benefits for all

The Institute now offers new forms of membership to meet everybody’s needs: find out what’s new!

NEW: Personal membership fee - €90 per yearpersonal_522894

Personal membership allows any individuals with interests in VPH research to join in, without requesting a substantial institutional support. Personal members will have the possibility to participate to all work groups the Institute is involved with such as the Policy Affairs WP, getting a privileged access to policy information and being involved in the drafting process of important documents, such as position statements or green paper. VPH personal members will also benefit of a €50 discount at VPH 2014.

NEW: Student membership fee - €10 per year

student_5228946Student membership must be associated to a personal membership. To every personal membership up to six student memberships can be associated, with only 10 extra euro per student per year. Student memberships are nominal, last at most four years and decay if students relocate to another institution. VPH students will receive 20% discount of selected publications, such as: 

- "Computational Biomedicine", P. Coveney, V. Diaz, P. Hunter, and M. Viceconti – Oxford University Press

- "Multiscale modelling of the Skeletal System", M. Viceconti - Cambridge University Press

Ordinary membership fee - €900 per year

Any legally established organisation can apply for an ordinary membership. Joining the VPH Institute will place your institutional_5organisation in a network, which gives you access to very heterogeneous backgrounds and know-how.  Your institution will have the possibility to contribute to all our initiatives such as creation of strategic documents, proposals for policies, recommendations for standards, protocols and similar. As ordinary member you will be entitled to appoint a representative to seat in the General Assembly of the VPH Institute, that meets once per year to define our general strategies.  Up to 60 student memberships can be requested in association to an  ordinary membership.  Your affiliated will be entitled on a €50 discount at VPH2014.

Supporting membership fee - €5,000 per year

supporting_5228This is a high-level membership involvement.  Supporting members will contribute in a substantial way to the financial viability of the Institute having the opportunity to drive the Institute policy, setting the agendas, proposing specific actions, approving the annual business plan and associating own institution to the visibility of the VPH institute as a whole.  A representative will be eligible to sit on the Board of Directors, the executive body that governs the VPH Institute. From this year, the supporting membership fee has been reduced to €5,000 from the initial €9.000. An unlimited number of student memberships can be requested in association to a supporting membership and your affiliated will be entitled on a €50 discount at VPH2014.

NEW: Sponsor membershipsponsorhip_5228

Commercial organisations, charities, and governmental organisations can support the VPH Institute through sponsorship. All sponsorship must be disclosed publicly, and upon request they can receive the membership benefits for their employees.

If you are not yet a member... join in now! 

  • Download here the application form

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