INNOVAHEART: a joint European workshop on the digital heart

For the first time, five EU funded projects - SimCardioTest, SIMCor, SimInSitu, the CSA EDITH and the EIT Health project inEurHeart- join their forces to bring together the different actors of the in-silico cardiovascular ecosystem at a one-day workshop in Bordeaux on 22 March 2023.

This event, called InnovaHeart, will be an unique opportunity to meet scientists, engineers, SMEs and large companies interested in the digital heart and focused on making sure that personalised cardiac care and healthcare innovations will accelerate the eHealth sector through in silico trials & computational cardiology.

This one-day workshop will be a combination of lectures, roundtables and live demonstrations, with opportunities for knowledge exchange and discussion on the state of the art, presentations of open source platforms and software, exploitation and prospects for regulatory approval, contributing to the creation of an eHealth ecosystem dedicated to heart wellness.

Scientists, engineers, SMEs and large companies are invited to join.

In this context, we invite you to save the date (22 March), to participate in this event, and to pass on this invitation to any colleagues interested in our research.

The registration platform is now open, you can register on the SimCardioTest website.

Small registration fees will apply to cover catering costs and a dinner will be organised on the night before as a networking opportunity.

The teams from the EU funded projects SimCardioTest, SIMCor, SimInSitu, EDITH and inEurHeart look forward to meeting you at this workshop.



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