In silico modeling at NASA Ames workshop on vascular tissue challenge

VPHi contributes to the NASA’s Vascular Tissue Challenge

One of the centennial challenges launched by NASA is the vascular tissue challenge where (US based) research teams are challenged to come up with methods to build a 1 cm³ piece of tissue with functional parenchymal cells and keep it alive for 30 days in vitro. To guide future research efforts and encourage new support in bringing about the end-product technologies for patients in need, a workshop was organized (November 9-10, Ames Research Center, CA). 

The workshop gathered together a diverse network of experts in tissue engineering, microgravity research, and other areas of interest to the advancement of tissue engineering technology, including in silico approaches. These subject experts participated in various roundtable discussions to identify the challenges, map out the future pathways, and milestones that would lead researchers to tackle the vascular tissue challenge successfully. 

The VPHi was asked to participate to present the contributions of computer modeling and simulation and was represent by Liesbet Geris, incoming Executive Director and active in the field of computational tissue engineering.

More information on the workshop:

Panel discussion on in silico technologies:

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