In silico medicine now on Wikipedia

We recently published a definition of "in silico medicine" on Wikipedia. Help us to implement it!

The emergence of in silico medicine is a result of the advance of medical computer science over the last 20 years. Only recently this word has started to be used in different contexts and it has appeared in EC official documents too. Considering the level of novelty this word brings, times are now mature to give it a widely recognized definition.

Here what we propose:

"In silico medicine is the direct use of computer simulation in the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of a disease. More specifically, in silico medicine implies modelling, simulation and visualisation of biological and medical processes in computers. The term is exemplified in initiatives such as the Virtual Physiological Human by the European Commission and in institutes such as the VPH Institute and the INSIGNEO Institute at the University of Sheffield."

We look forward to receiving your comments to implement this initial attempt of defining in silico medicine. We ask you all your collaboration in editing, revising, and expanding the Wikipedia page in the way you deem it necessary. Alternatively feel free to send an email to: with your comments and we will be happy to incorporate them for you.



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