In Silico Medicine Network on Linkedln

The VPH Institute in collaboration with the Avicenna Alliance is hosting an "in slico medicine network" on Linkedln. The group is open to anyone with interests on in silico medicine research, and aims to increase the interactions among researchers from all over the world.

The in silico medicine Linkedln group aims to network all those around the world involved in the development and application of in silico medicine research. In silico medicine, also defined with the word Virtual Physiological Human, is the field that encompasses the use of individualised physiology based computer simulations in all aspects of the prevention, diagnosis, prognostic assessment, and treatment of a disease and development of a biomedical product. 

This group is jointly managed by both the VPH Institute and the Avicenna Alliance ( a researcher and industry partnership with 50% membership of the VPH Institute and 50% representation of the medical devices, pharmaceuticals, software and cosmetics industries.

The network was originally created by the Institute as part of the consensus process of the Avicenna project, which saw the delivery of the Avicenna roadmap - "in silico Clinical Trials: How Computer Simulation will Transform the Biomedical Industry". Thanks to this, the group already foresees the subscription of over 350 members from the research, industry and regulatory field. 

In case you're not a member yet, join now! By joining the group you will have the possibility to contribute to all future discussions and stay tuned on the latest news and events.

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