‘in silico medicine’ literature

The Avicenna Alliance releases a Glossary of Terms for Computer Modeling and Simulation

There are occasional confusions and diverging opinions on the definition of certain in silico medicine concepts, possibly leading to misunderstandings when discussing these concepts with people from a different background. To overcome this challenge, a team of academic and industry members of the Avicenna Alliance is proposing a definition of words regularly used in the ‘in silico medicine’ literature.

This Glossary is a first release with a first short list of definitions; more concepts will be defined and existing definitions may be adjusted in future updates of this document. Therefore, comments and inputs are welcome to enrich this glossary. You are encouraged to share your comments or suggestions for modification with Roberta Maggi, manager@avicenna-alliance.com.

All Avicenna Alliance activities are open to VPHi members as we represent its academic half. If you're interested to contribute to the Alliance activities and collaborate with its industry members, don't hesitate to contact us. More info here

Download the glossary here

Date: 19/12/2022 | Tag: | News: 1401 of 1588
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