In silico medicine is now in the ECDC Regulation!

The three amendments suggested by Avicenna to MEP Radan Kanev (EPP, BG) for the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control Regulation (ECDC) were adopted by the European Parliament on 14 September 2021 during the vote in plenary. This means that the amendments to the file adopted by the European Parliament as a whole feature computer modelling & simulation twice, and in silico and digital twin technologies for the first time!

The proposal to amend the ECDC Regulation was spurred by COVID-19 and the need to strengthen and reinforce the EU’s health security system.

In April, Avicenna liaised with MEP Radan Kanev (EPP, BG) to share the proposed amendments for the legislation. Mr. Kanev proceeded to table all three proposals as shadow rapporteur for the regulation.

The adopted amendments address the need to incorporate computer modelling and simulation to strengthen health infrastructure, including surveillance systems, contact tracing and usage of shared health data. They additionally expand the Regulation to go beyond artificial intelligence and include other necessary advances for alert and reporting systems.

The inclusion of all three proposed amendments is a success for Avicenna, the VPH Institute and the in silico medicine community at large! The direct mention of high performance computing, computer modelling and simulation, digital twins, and in silico clinical trials brings us one step closer to the potential inclusion of these terms in the final Regulation.

Moreover, the adoption of the amendments demonstrates increased awareness of the need to modernise our health care systems for enhanced health system resilience and better patient safety and outcomes, which may in turn set a precedent for further inclusion in future policy.

Following their vote on the amendments, the Parliament will vote on the proposal for Regulation as a whole. If approved, the Parliament can either approve the proposal with or without any amendments. After reconciliation with the Commission, the outcome will then constitute the Parliament’s official position.

Date: 25/09/2021 | Tag: | News: 1219 of 1588
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