Hungarian Council Presidency’s Programme

On 18 June 2024, the Hungarian Presidency unveiled its programme under the slogan "Make Europe Great Again" outlining its priorities.

While continuing many initiatives established by the Belgian Presidency, particularly in competitiveness, sustainability, and security, the Hungarian Presidency introduces focused actions in agriculture, defence, and energy. Additionally, it emphasises shifts in education, youth, cultural initiatives, and digitalisation, underscoring the importance of economic growth and addressing current security challenges.

Health is still highly prioritised within the Hungary Presidency, which aims to focus on tackling cardiovascular diseases, continue negotiations on the Pharmaceutical Legislation, and address mental health issues, among others.

  1. EU Pharmaceutical Package: Hungary aims to advance the Pharmaceutical Legislation negotiations at the Council as much as possible by establishing a competitive, sustainable and patient-centred approach.
  2. Cardiovascular Diseases & Organ Donation and Transplantation: Special attention will be placed on tackling cardiovascular diseases and organ donation. Both topics are foreseen to be addressed through the High-Level Conference on Cardiovascular Health on 3 rd July 2024 and the High-Level Conference on Organ Donation and Transplantation on 10 July 2024, respectively, along with EPSCO Council, with a view of formally adopting Council Conclusions on both topics during the Presidency.
  3. Mental Health and Rare Diseases: Discussions will revolve around the connections between mental health and rare diseases. The Presidency also intends to focus especially on women’s mental health issues, as part of its broader social policy objectives.
  4. Affordability of Medicines: The document highlights the importance of cooperation between member States to address the affordability of medicines.

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