How science becomes art

Kalostasis is an interactive installation enacting the unseen flow of the heart. Kalostasis was recently showed case in London in occasion of the London Design Festival from 14 to 22 of September 2019.
Kalostasis III

Kalostatis takes you on a journey inside the aorta, the largest artery of our body, to observe the fast blood flow passing through the heart. Inspired by the heartā€™s anatomy and flow simulations, the installation utilises scientific data and fuses it together with the heartā€™s organic motion and rhythm. This poetic depiction allows the viewer to witness the power of balance, and our ability to maintain it. 

This project sees Kingā€™s College Londonā€™s advanced medical imaging techniques combined with Cellule Studioā€™s bio-inspired design and Lucy Hardcastleā€™s unique aesthetic, woven into an immersive, real-time experience.

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Kalostasis III Kalostasis Ib

Date: 16/10/2019 | Tag: | News: 1004 of 1596
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