Horizon 2020 "ICT for Health and Wellbeing": More information for applicants

The Commission has recently published a document compiling the most common questions and answers related to the two eHealth calls of the 2014 Work Programme of Horizon 2020

These are the details of two e-Health calls that have been recently opened by the EC, whose deadline for applications is on 15 April 2014:

- PHC 26: Self management of health and disease: citizen engagement and mHealth

- PHC 34: eHealth interoperability

Experts submitting project proposals would like to take into account this document, as it constitutes a useful tool that may help and orientate them when preparing and submitting the proposals and ensures that all the applicants enjoy the same level of information. It is recommended to check it regularly, as it is updated when new questions are received.

Amongst other issues, the document clarifies that the call is open to any stakeholder group relevant to the domain. It also provides answers to the following questions:

  • How crucial is the certification of software and of hardware plus software
  • How important it is to achieve or define the certifications during the life time of the project
  • Is a running mHealth application ecosystem expected at the end of the project?
  • Can an app be tested as part of a project?
  • How close to the market can you come?
  • Is some degree of technology needed?
  • What is better: addressing as many issues as possible or specialize?
  • Development of new technologies or improving existing ones?
  • Can you clarify "migration path"?
  • Can you clarify "multi-stakeholder ecosystem"?
  • What is the background of the evaluators?
  • Is the call focused on outreach or assessment?
  • Is the use of mobile devices mandatory?
  • Can you clarify "pre-frailty"?
  • What does "eco-health system" mean?

On a similar note, the Commission has also published a series of videos explaining each more in detail the funding opportunities in ICT for societal challenges in Horizon 2020.

Further information: 

- here the Q&A document 

- here the explanatory videos 

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