Forum on Precision Immunology: Immune Digital Twins

During this 2-day event participants discussed opportunities and obstacles in the development and use of immune digital twins in medicine.

Medical digital twins are computational models of human biology relevant to a given medical condition, which can be tailored to an individual patient, thereby predicting the course of disease and individualized treatments, an important goal of personalized medicine. Since the immune system is a key factor in many diseases, it demands special attention.

In February 2023, an international group of experts convened in Lake Nona, FL, for two days to discuss problems related to digital twins of the immune system. The group consisted of clinicians, immunologists, biologists, and mathematical modelers, representative of the interdisciplinary nature of medical digital twin development.

The group determined the outlines and requirements of a research program to make digital twins a reality within a wide spectrum of translational applications. Results include a journal publication and a report that can be used for several purposes, in particular with public and private funding bodies.

Video recordings of all presentations (and a downloadable meeting report are available at

Date: 07/11/2023 | Tag: | News: 1512 of 1573
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