First steps towards a Digital Single Market Strategy

On 25 March 2015, the College of Commissioners had the first of a series of discussions on the Digital Single Market Strategy, which will be unveiled in May.

The Digital Single Market Strategy aims to create the right conditions for European citizens and companies to make better use of digital technology across borders. Therefore, it has tremendous potential to transform variety of sectors, including the healthcare one.

During the meeting, the Commissioners set out three main areas on which the action will focus during this mandate, which include: a better access for consumers and businesses to digital goods and services, shaping the environment for digital networks and services to flourish, and creating a European Digital Economy and Society with long-term growth potential.

However, in this process of creating a Digital Single Market, the EU will encounter an important obstacle: the significant differences in terms of digital performance and competitiveness cross the EU, as shown by the new Digital Economy and Society Index developed by the European Commission

More information on the areas for action is available here

The Digital Economy and Society Index is available here

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