First meeting of UK Chapter of the Virtual Physiological Human Institute

On 15 September 2017 a meeting was hosted by Insigneo at the University of Sheffield to explore establishing a UK Chapter of the Virtual Physiological Human (VPH) Institute.
VPHi UK National Chapter

The meeting was attended by over 40 delegates from research groups in UK involved with VPH research, and by some representatives of companies, funders, and other relevant organisations. The meeting was chaired by Prof Marco Viceconti, current President of the VPH Institute.

During the meeting a community of practice was established, that will be consulted during the constitutional process. Anyone based in UK and professionally involved, in any way, with subject-specific modelling and related aspects is welcome to join and canĀ request to joinĀ the Google Group named ā€œUK Chapter of the VPH Instituteā€.

Establishing a UK chapter of the VPH Institute will bring together national researchers, industrial experts, clinicians, regulators and funders interested in the Virtual Physiological Human,Ā in silicoĀ medicine, and related topics. This national forum will build upon the UKā€™s strong contribution to research in this area and seek to develop and communicate a vision for the future and address the gap between the advancement of the fundamental science supportingĀ in silicoĀ technologies and translation into clinical practice.

If you would like to join the UK Chapter of the VPH Institute contact Martina Contin for more information:Ā


VPHi UK National Chapter

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