FET Innovation Launchpad first cut-off: 16 projects chosen

Following the evaluation of proposals submitted to the very first Future and Emerging Technologies …

Following the evaluation of proposals submitted to the very first Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Innovation Launchpad call, 16 successful proposals have now been invited to grant agreement preparation. The FET Innovation Launchpad aims at boosting economic growth stemming from FET research by supporting unexplored innovation opportunities from FET-funded projects.

aPad proposes transforming the Autonomous Unmanned Marine Surface vehicle 'aPad' into a commercially attractive, sustainable and innovative product that both addresses societal challenges and is highly competitive in global markets. Coordinator: SVEUCILISTE U ZAGREBU FAKULTET ELEKTROTEHNIKE I RACUNARSTVA, Croatia.

CASEK sets the stage to accelerate developments in the Internet of Things (IoT) through its sustainable marketplace model. It will leverage the potential of the IoT by tapping into the creativity of developers at large, powered by the Cassting framework. Coordinator: SELUXIT APS, Denmark.

CF-Web will develop a value proposition, and serve as a marketplace of workflow components and provide revenue sharing for software developers, while creating a growing, stable, new business venture based in Slovenia. Coordinator: INSTITUT JOZEF STEFAN, Slovenia..

D-Noise aims at exploiting a novel wireless acoustic sensor network (WASN) for multi-user active noise equalization without the need of using headsets. The project will make the technology more accessible and will enhance its commercialization on grand-scale. Coordinator: KATHOLIEKE UNIVERSITEIT LEUVEN, Belgium

DMS works towards complementary applications as well as on technical limitations and improvements of the dielectric microspacers (DMS).  The project focuses both on the protection of intellectual property and on technology transfer. Coordinator: CONSIGLIO NAZIONALE DELLE RICERCHE, Italy

ENTIMENT assesses, deploys and commercializes a novel Temporal Cognition Toolbox (TCT) that greatly facilitates the development of time-aware robots, capable to engage in prolonged, symbiotic interaction with humans. Coordinator: FOUNDATION FOR RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY HELLAS, Greece

I2C8 will integrate technologies related to music chord generation and randomization into a standalone product, incorporating feedback from users and market-generated requirements, and will carry out market push activities. Coordinator: RE-COMPOSE GMBH, Austria

INTERLACE translates a decentralized transactional and ledger architecture demonstrator for business-to-business (B2B) mutual credit, enabling scalability to multiple circuits under the same mathematical and computational framework into a deeply innovative, transformative, and successful fintech platform for B2B trade. Coordinator: SARDEX SRL, Italy

PhySense transforms the “lab based” techniques of the slime mould hybrid sensors into `everyday’ use in a cost effective and user friendly format by designing, manufacturing and selling the bio-sensors to research centres, universities, schools and laymen enthusiasts. Coordinator: UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST OF ENGLAND, United Kingdom

Qdet intends to start the commercialization process of a prototype based on superconducting quantum detectors optimized for atomic frequencies. Coordinator: TECHNISCHE UNIVERSITEIT DELFT, The Netherlands

QUSMI aims at understanding  the customer needs, reaching out to strategic partners, consolidate the IP portfolio and strategy, and developing a  business plan to exploit a  MRI-based technology for enabling highly sensitive quantification of metabolic imaging, earlier diagnostic and personalized therapies. Coordinator: NVision Imaging Technologies GmbH, Germany

ROMA targets to scale and customize a mobile edge computing (MEC) platform engineered on cloud technology.  It will promote the technology and will validate the IPR strategy most effective in order to approach the emerging MEC market. Coordinator: CREATE-NET, Italy

SensAgain verifies whether the already developed effective restoration of sensory feedback from missing hand in upper-limb amputee could be used to provide a valuable device for lower-limb amputees and its exploitation. Coordinator: SensArs Neuroprosthetics Sàrl, Switzerland

SmartNurse will develop a strategy for transforming persuasive computing technologies in emergency nurse training into a system that can be used in real life educational settings. Coordinator: DEUTSCHES FORSCHUNGSZENTRUM FUR KUNSTLICHE INTELLIGENZ GMBH, Germany

WASPSNEST brings robust triggered single photon sources closer to market by carrying out field testing of a prototype that will provide key performance information to companies interested in manufacturing and marketing the technology. Coordinator THE UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD, United Kingdom:

WhiteRabbit aims at bringing to the market an innovative software platform which will work as an automated “tax accountant” helping companies to effectively deal with the complexity of regulations related to “tax returns”. Coordinator: UNIVERSITA DEGLI STUDI DI TRENTO, Italy

FET Innovation Launchpad call statistics* for the 1st cut-off:
A total of 88 eligible proposals were submitted of which 16 proposals  were invited to grant agreement preparation. This corresponds to a success rate of 18%.

The next FET Innovation Launchpad cut-off date will be 27 September 2017.

Additional information can be found here

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