FDA to look towards Observer Status in Avicenna Alliance

The Avicenna Alliance has been in touch with the FDA on the issue of in silico medicine over the last number of months and has reached a new level of cooperation with the FDA looking into Observer Status in the Avicenna Alliance.

The FDA are quite advanced in terms of Regulation in this field and are looking to the Alliance as potential interlocutor between the US and EU on harmonisation of in silico policy.

A key goal of the Avicenna Alliance’s EU/US/Asia-Pacific Working Group is to ensure wherever possible, harmonisation of policies on the emerging policy field of in silico medicine. 

That the FDA is looking to join the Avicenna Alliance as an observer member, is a fantastic boost for the Alliance.  

The cooperation will also enable the implementation of the Avicenna Roadmap in particular and the importance of in silico medicine in general.

The Avicenna Alliance aims in the future to have European Commission and FDA at the same table to discuss policies on in silico medicine, share best practices and work together to enable the in silico market and research in this field.  

More information on the Avicenna Alliance website.



Date: 04/05/2016 | Tag: | News: 474 of 1588
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