Exscalate4CoV uses the power of supercomputer to find potential treatments against COVID-19

The Exscalate4CoV project is using the most powerful computing resources currently based in Europe to empower smart in-silico drug design.

The project was launched after the Commission’s emergency call for expression of interest on 31 January 2020, receiving €3 million of funding for research on COVID-19 vaccine development, treatment and diagnostics.

Excalate4CoV is processing digital models of the coronavirus’ protein and matching them against a database of thousands of existing drugs, aiming to discover which combinations of active molecules could react to the virus. Three powerful European supercomputing centres – located in Bologna, Barcelona and Jülich – currently participate in the Exscalate4CoV project, along with a pharmaceutical company and several large biological and biochemical institutes.

This EU funding has boosted the work done with supercomputers to research drug therapy against COVID-19, by complementing the classical trial and error clinical approach and possible experimentation in patients.

Full information on the project can be found here

Date: 08/04/2020 | Tag: | News: 1074 of 1547
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