"Exascale for biomedical SMEs" webinar series

In May 2022, the CompBioMed Centre of Excellence will start its new webinar series on "Exascale for biomedical SMEs" organized with the endorsement of the VPH Institute and Avicenna Alliance.
CBM series webinars

Four experts will give examples of how High Performance Computing can provide substantial benefits to the development of biomedical products, to prepare biomedical companies - in particular small and medium enterprises - to better leverage the opportunities of next-generation supercomputers.

The first webinar on 27 May 2022 at 2pm CEST will focus on "Supercomputer-based in-silico clinical trials in cardiac therapies towards exascale computing" by Dr Mariano Vazquez (Barcelona Supercomputing Centre).

All the four webinars in the series are free and open to anyone interested.


CBM series webinars

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