European Parliament to split health portfolio from the ENVI Committee

A consensus is being reached in the European Parliament on splitting the health portfolio from the ENVI Committee and creating a separate subcommittee solely dedicated to it while extending the COVI Committee’s mandate by six months.

This decision will have implications for the designation of future files. In addition, according to reliable sources, there might be an attempt by the European Commission to merge all main upcoming health files, the revision of the general Pharmaceutical legislation (Directive 2001/83/EC and Regulation (EC) No 726/2004), the Orphan Medicinal Products (OMPs) Regulation and Paediatric Regulation, into one. It appears that the European Commission wants them cleared out as soon as possible and is aiming to streamline the legislative process by having them unveiled sometime in April in a single piece.
This is interesting for the in silico medicine community as it will allow focusing outreach activities on one specialised subcommittee. However, it is important to bear in mind that according to the European Parliament’s rules of procedure, subcommittees generally do not have the power to work on legislation, unless otherwise agreed to by their parent committee (in this case ENVI). With this in mind, it should not be taken for granted that every health file will go to this new subcommittee – especially given the S&D’s and Greens’ reported lack of enthusiasm for its creation.

Key highlights

  • The creation of the subcommittee is set to be discussed and finalized at an upcoming Conference of Presidents in December.
  • The new subcommittee is expected to start work sometime in September 2023 – notably after the 6-month extension of the mandate of the COVI Committee is set to expire.
  • Regarding the members of this new subcommittee, they will be elected from the current members of ENVI and will likely remain responsible for the respective health files.

Date: 15/12/2022 | Tag: | News: 1395 of 1588
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