European Parliament endorses VPH

On 14 January 2014 in Strasbourg, Members of the European Parliament specifically endorsed the work of the VPH Institute and voted in favour of the Own-Initiative Report on the eHealth Action Plan 2012-2020.

The purpose of the eHealth Action Plan is to set the European Parliament’s position on EU priorities in eHealth from 2012-2020. Over the course of 2013, members of the VPH Policy Affairs Working Group met with policy makers involved in the drafting of this dossier, explaining the goals of the institute and how eHealth technologies such as VPH can be used to find new solutions to modern healthcare challenges.

To that end, Members of the European Parliament adopted the following text recognizing the role of the institute towards improving healthcare in the EU:

Q. whereas successful eHealth initiatives and projects like epSOS or the Virtual Physiological Human initiative have demonstrated the great value of eHealth solutions;

36. Urges the Commission and the Member States to continue working through pilot projects, such as epSOS and ‘Renewing health’, and/or the Virtual Physiological Human initiative in order to develop pan-European interoperability, and to continue to support innovative solutions for person-centred care, including advanced modelling and simulations, needed to achieve the aims of predictive and personalised medicine;

With this new text, VPH members may enjoy the rare claim that their work has earned the support of the elected representatives of EU citizens and is directly supported in EU policy.

The full text of the adopted text can be found here

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