European Commission launches Pact for Research & Innovation in Europe

The European Commission has published the Roadmap for the Pact for Research & Innovation in Europe, which is open for feedback until 13 May.

This initiative aims to define common values & principles that underpin the European Research Area (ERA), as well as the priority policy areas for joint action from Member States to mobilise their research and innovation( R&I) policies.

This consultation is of interest for the academic members of VPHi & Avicenna as it is expected to support the next policy initiatives and policy targets aiming to reform and create a modern European Research Area.

You can find the Roadmap here.

Key points

The published roadmap presents the Commissionā€™s work plan for a Pact for Research & Innovation in Europe to support the implementation of ERA in terms of deeper integration between national policies. Since R&I is primarily a national competency, the construction of the ERA relies largely on national policy reforms and initiatives.

By setting values and guiding principles, the Pact for R&I will guide and update new policy directions and help to monitor and evaluate progress made by Member States. It will also establish priority areas for joint action, as such renewing the commitment from Member States to mobilise their R&I policies towards current challenges for the EU in light of the twin ā€“ green and digital ā€“ transition.

The values and principles will cover, among others, the following areas: freedom of scientific research, the pursuit of excellence and socio-economic valorisation, gender equality, and open access or career conditions for researchers.

With this, the Commission wants the Pact to achieve two overarching goals:

Identify areas where Member States will develop priority actions (such as the prioritisation of investments and reforms).

Further emphasise the focus on long standing key values and principles to support their mainstreaming in national R&I practices.

In addition to public consultations with stakeholders, the ERA Forum for Transition (established as an informal Commission expert group) will provide advice to the Commission, and will allow the views of the Member States and stakeholders to be considered in a structured way.


Through launching this initiative, the Commission expresses its determination to use ERA and R&I as key elements in the green and digital transition post-COVID-19, by promoting a harmonised research environment for Europe in which Member States can more easily collaborate.

Although the initiative is rather general, this period for feedback represents an opportunity for Avicenna Members involved in research and innovation to share their views on the future of R&I in health care and provide the Commission with input on what aspects it needs to consider when creating a new ERA.

Next steps

This roadmap is open for feedback until 13 May.

The R&I days which are foreseen to take place in June 2021, will provide possibility to gather views of multiple stakeholders on the initiative.

The initiative will be put forward in the form of a Council Recommendation, meaning a single non-binding initiative without imposing a mandatory legal framework.


The European Research Area was launched in 2000 with the aim of better organising and integrating Europe's research and innovation systems and enhancing cooperation between the EU, the Member States, their regions and their stakeholders.

The European Council asked the Commission to relaunch ERA in 2020 with revised policy priorities, governance and monitoring at national and EU level.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or comments you may have.

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