EURL-ECVAM summer school on alternative methods for toxicology

Following the visit of the VPHi and Avicenna Alliance to the JRC at the end of March, the VPHi’s Executive Director, Prof Liesbet Geris, was invited to speak in the ‘hot topics’ session of the Summer School on alternative methods in toxicology organized by EURL-ECVAM.

The Summer School brought 101 interested scientists from academia and industry together in ISPRA for 4 inspiring days of lectures, debates and networking. 

Whereas most of the participants had a toxicology background, some of them came from biomedicine or even mathematics. During the lectures, a wide range of topics was discussed from specific in vitro organ systems, over in silico methods to the need for validation and uncertainty quantification of the developed methods. There are very strong parallels to the developments of alternative methods in the toxicology field and the medical field.  

In her talk (accessible via figshare), Lies gave a brief overview of the in silico medicine field, the VPHi, a few success stories and the efforts that the field is currently making in the area of Verification, Validation and Uncertainty Quantification (VVUQ). She ended her talk by highlighting the possible synergies between the tox and medical field as there is a huge potential for collaboration on scientific, policy and regulatory level.

Further information can be found here

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