EU-STANDS4PM online survey "Data sources and in silico methods in personalized medicine"

Submit your inputs until 30 November

EU-STANDS4PM is a Coordinating and Support Action funded under the Horizon2020 framework programme of the European Commission. A major task of the project is to initiate an EU-wide mapping process in collaborative research to evaluate strategies for data integration and data-driven in silico modelling approaches. Its aim is to develop standards, recommendations and guidelines for predictive in silico methodologies in personalized medicine.

Part of this process is the online survey “Data sources and in silico methods in personalized medicine” they have just started to distribute to collect information for the proposed EU-wide mapping.

Considering the VPH Community is an important target for the survey we would ask your collaboration in answering the questions and submit your inputs until 30 November.

Here the link to the survey

For more information on EU-STANDS4PM, please visit

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