EU Health Policy Platform Calls for Proposals: 2021 Thematic Networks

The European Commission is inviting public health stakeholders to submit initiatives for anew cycle of Thematic Networks under the EU Health Policy Platform

The purpose of a Thematic Network is to produce a Joint Statement within a year, summarising the common position of a group of stakeholder organisations on one of the following selected public health areas:

  • Adaptation actions on climate change and health
  • Health inequalities with regard to ethnic minorities and racism
  • Improving public information on the health effects of air pollution
  • Integrative Oncology in patient-centred cancer care
  • The Pharmaceutical Strategy

The European Commission may also consider proposals from other policy areas if stakeholders from other fields of public health present sound reasons for doing so; or combinations of several policy areas mentioned above.

The Joint Statements shall advice the European Commission on its policy activities and shall encourage the stakeholder's community to join forces and carry out their own activities/initiatives in synergy with those carried out by the Commission and the Member States. For this reason, proposals addressed by Thematic Networks should be in line with the EU health policy agenda. Thematic networks are encouraged to make use of all the information made available to them to prepare Joint Statements that engage the commitment of the stakeholder community.

Joint Statements are not binding for the European Commission. They are owned by the organisation leading the Thematic Network. The work on the Joint Statements is the responsibility of the organisations involved in drafting it through the Health Policy Platform. Ideally, Joint Statements should commit the stakeholder's community to carry out work in the selected domains in synergy with the action taken by the European Commission informing about the relevant challenges, solutions and best practices.

To apply please:

  • Prepare a brief summary of your proposal (maximum 2 pages)
    • Include the scope of your future Joint Statement
    • Explain the relevance of your proposal for the selected area and the possible synergy with ongoing or planned EU actions on health in the European Union
    • State your objectives and how you will reach them
    • List your possible network and partners involved (you can include logos if you wish)
    • State the leading organisation clearly
    • Contact person and details
  • Send your proposal to the email address:
  • Deadline: 7 June 2021

The European Commission will evaluate the proposals received by topic and select a maximum of 6. These 6 proposals will be presented in a poll in the Agora network (the main network of the EU Health Policy Platform), where all registered users of the Platform will be allowed to vote. The poll will be open during three weeks. We encourage stakeholders to register in advance in the EU Health Policy Platform to vote for their preferred Thematic Network, as last-minute registrations cannot be guaranteed.

The 3 proposals with the most votes in the EU Health Policy Platform poll will be considered as the final proposals for the 2021 Thematic Networkscycle, and will kick-off immediately after the poll, and at the latest in early September 2021.

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