eScience Center - Lorentz Competition on Digital Twins

​The Netherlands eScience Center and the Lorentz Center are looking for researchers who want to join the eScience Center - Lorentz Competition 2022 to organize a workshop in the second half of 2023.

This year the focus of the eScience Center - Lorentz Competition is Digital Twins.

Digital twins are virtual representations of real-world objects or systems. Digital twins typically use several coupled models, sometimes supported by machine learning, and are refined with real-time data. Coupled with interactive analysis and visualization, this technology enables new insights and scientific discoveries. Moreover, it allows researchers and policy makers to run what-if scenarios, supporting decision making.


What they seek

• an innovative scientific case, that takes us beyond current boundaries
• an open and interactive format, with few lectures
• at least one scientific organizer based within and one outside the Netherlands
• at least one scientific organizer from academia and one from the public/private sector

What they offer

• a 5-day workshop for up to 25 people in the second half of 2023
• contributions from one or more “Digital Twin” expertsfrom the eScience Center, with expertise in the area of model coupling, data assimilation, analytics, visualization, machine learning, and high-performance computing
• travel and accommodation reimbursements
• no registration fees or other organizational costs
• professional organizational support, under the philosophy ‘you do the research, we do the rest’
• Hybrid format also an option


• a 1-page expression of interest by 25 April 2022
• announcement selection of shortlist before 17 May 2022
• a full application by 13 June 2022
• final decision beginning of July 2022
• submit applications to:
• peer review process; final decision by the directors

Please find answers to several FAQs here.


Programme Management Netherlands eScience Center,
Henriette Jensenius, scientific manager Lorentz Center,

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