Elections of the Board of Trustees

The GA is now voting the 3 candidates that were nominated to cover these important role

In September 2017, the mandate of the current members of the Board of Trustees will expire and the General Assembly will elect a new Board. The BoT is composed of a President and 2 financial auditors and its role is to supervise the operations of the Board of Directors, ensuring they don't get into conflict with the interests of the membership at large and don't violate the common law and the articles of the association.

At the recent call for nomination the following candidatures were received:

For the position of President:

Prof Marco Viceconti - Insigneo Institute, University of Sheffield

For the position of Financial Auditors:

  • Prof Karl Stroetmann (empirica)
  • Prof Alfons Hoekstra (University of Amsterdam)

Additional information on the candidates can be found here: https://tinyurl.com/ya7ogztn

The elections are currently taking place by electronic ballot. Each VPHi member is requested to send their vote by filling out the electronic form available at this link: https://goo.gl/forms/F4Pjo7PS9JMJzUhx2

Elections will be open until 10 Sept 2017, and the outcome will be officially announced at the upcoming General Assembly scheduled for 28 Sept 2017 in Leuven. 

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