EFPIA Publishes Opinion Piece on AI and Cancer Data

The European Federations of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) has recently published an opinion piece on cancer data.

The piece was drafted by Ivana Cattaneo, the Public Affairs Director Oncology Europe at Novartis, and is entitled “Cancer data: Are you ready to meet your DigiTwin?”.

In her article, Ms. Cattaneo states that the development of predictive models and purpose-built computational approaches, including AI, means that the idea of creating a DigiTwin – a digital twin – is fast becoming a possibility.  Ms. Cattaneo believes that an agreement at EU level – reflected in national cancer plans – is vital to progress on the use of data and would help put in place policies that help turn data into innovation. She believes that data can be used to realise the potential of personalised medicine whilst also making healthcare systems sustainable and efficient. She also states that data can ultimately be used to help balance the issues surrounding the “trilemma” of access, innovation and affordability. This opinion piece indicates that EFPIA, and more specifically its member Novartis, are developing a genuine interest on in silico medicine.

The full piece can be found here

Date: 09/07/2019 | Tag: | News: 972 of 1588
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