ECDC's call for expression of interest in digital technologies on public health key functions

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) opened a call for expressions of interest on digital technologies for public health key functions.

This is an opportunity for European societies, professional associations and industry representations to participate in technical consultation meetings at the ECDC

The aim of the meeting is to support ECDC in assessing the possible beneficial and/or disruptive impact of current and emerging digital technologies on public health key functions within the remit of the Centre and provide a forward look covering a period of 7-10 years.

At the level of the organization, the following requirements of eligibility will apply:

  1. Legally established within the EU/EEA as an umbrella organization, for example, a registered European learned society, professional association or industry representation;
  2. Active in digital technologies and innovations and/or public health key functions as to provide expertise, practical examples and references describing the possible application of digital technologies and innovation to public health key functions;
  3. Able to fund an individual representativeā€™s participation in the activity and ensure high-level expertise and active contribution;
  4. Upon request of ECDC to ensure the submission of an individual declaration of interest and CV, demonstrating relevant competence and expertise of the individual representative;
  5. English language skills.

If you are interested to apply more information can be foundĀ here.

Application process for individual experts: The call targets organisations. However, individuals with expertise in areas of concern to the above consultation who would like to contribute to the activity, are also invited to express their interest by sending an email to, subject line: Expression of interest - ECDC technical consultation meeting on digital technologies for public health key functions AND signing up to the ECDC Candidate Expert Database (ECED). ECDC accepts applications on a continuous basis and there is no deadline for signing up to the ECDC Candidate Expert Database (ECED). Individuals invited to participate in their personal capacity are to act independently and in the public interest, and do not represent a country, organisation or other affiliated entity. Please note that ECDC reserves the right to decide on the final composition in order to obtain a balance of interests, expertise, geography and gender.

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