EC member Dr Amalia Irina Vlad leaves DG CNECT H1 Unit

We take the opportunity to thank Amalia Irina Vlad for her dedication and support to the VPH Initiative!

For the past years, Amalia Irina Vlad has been project officer of many VPH funded projects and one of our main interlocutors at the EC. Amalia has recently announced that she will leave H1 Unit “eHealth, Well-Being and Ageing” at DG CNECT. This whole Unit led by Miguel González-Sancho, will actually soon relocate to Luxembourg.  Amalia will start a new position within DG RTD Unit E4 working in medical research, on non-communicable diseases. 

After years of fruitful and collaborative work, we would like to dedicate a special thank to Amalia for all her support to our community! 

Date: 14/03/2018 | Tag: | News: 756 of 1574
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