A website with information on DISCIPULUS and the Digital Patient is now up and running.

The website will contain all news concerning the project. The website will be updated with useful links to other integrative medicine and VPH websites. There is also information on the key personnel in the consortium, and contact information.

If you would like to get involved in the DISCIPULUS project, this will be the main route to do so. The website has information targeted towards the main Digital Patient stakeholders (researchers, clinicians, industry and citizens).

As the roadmap writing process advances, draft material and information will be added to the website, so the wider communities can keep up to speed on the direction of the roadmap. It is also possible to sign up to the DISCIPULUS mailing list from a link on the website, which will be used to circulate 

useful information on the project.
The website URL is:www.digital-patient.net.

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