DISCIPULUS: It’s Well Underway, But First, A Reminder

Back in November 2012, we had the Second Consultation Meeting in Barcelona, exploring the scientific and technical challenges that have to be overcome in other to make the Digital Patient, a reality. We reported the first half of this meeting in our December issue of the newsletter; you can read this here http://vph-institute.org/news/discipulus-how-were-these-topics-discussed-on-the-day. In our latest issue, we report the second half of the meeting and bring things right up to the present.

When we reported the first part of the meeting, we mentioned the breakout sessions, which allowed attendees debate and explore issues in detail, the whole day looked something like this:


Simple Flowchart Illustration of the Format of the Second Consultation Meeting

For further details, follow the linkhttp://vph-institute.org/news/discipulus-how-were-these-topics-discussed-on-the-day 

We ended that issue on the scientific and technical challenge breakout session, and explained that a lot of material had been generated from which the Digital Patient Roadmap could be built.  There was a final plenary session in which this rich resource for the roadmap was reviewed.  So what happened during the final plenary? 

Well, the Facilitator of the Meeting, Isabelle Read, invited one to two representatives of each of the scientific and technical challenge groups to the floor to present the outcome of each of their group’s discussion.


image-8_519e3e4b529b1 discipulus-schem_519e32d84e355

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