DISCIPULUS: Finding Effective Ways to Engage the Public

How do we develop the public agenda? An important aspect of building the roadmap for the digital patient is engaging the public.

This aspect has not been pursued as much so far, as most of the effort up to this point has been to engage the expertise that the roadmap so crucially needs.  This obviously provides the scientific, technological, and clinical foundation for the roadmap report and builds upon, not only the themes that emerged from the first draft, but also the original VPH roadmap that was set by STEP back in 2007. 

But equally crucially, we also need the views of the general public.  So how do we develop the public agenda?  An idea that we are consulting with consortium members is the possibility (and this is only a possibility) of some type of video contest.  We are only in the exploratory phase of this and there are still other ideas to be looked at.  The outcome of our exploration and consultation processes for all the ideas being looked at will be given in the future at some point. 

For more information: http://www.digital-patient.net/



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