DISCIPULUS: Clinical Working Groups

The clinical working groups will soon be assembled. These groups will provide vital end-user experience and views to the roadmap authors.

A major aim of this project from the beginning has been to bring end-users and other stakeholders into the roadmapping exercise. We see it as essential that the future Digital Patient is targeted at the needs of citizens, and is of assistance to healthcare professionals. To achieve this aim, we must get the opinions of clinicians on:

1) How Digital Patient technologies will/could be used by them in the clinic, and which areas are most promising; 

2) What are the challenges from an end-user point of view.

The clinical working groups will be used to engage the clinical community. In these groups, practicing clinicians will work together on some core issues in the Digital Patient through online collaboration and conference calls. The groups will be built up initially from the clinicians already engaged with the project, i.e. those who have taken part through the first consultation meeting. As always, all other interested parties are welcome to join, by getting in contact with us (see our website digital-patient.net for details).

Our first objective for these groups is to present the key discussion points and issues raised at a major international research conference. The findings from the working groups will then fuel the roadmap writing process. 

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