Disc4all at the CMBBE Symposium 2023 and at the Spine Week 2023

Disc4All, BCN MedTech and UPF delegates participated in two great events during the first week of May 2023

Disc4All, BCN MedTech, UPF delegates participated in CMBBE Symposium 2023 in Paris, France, from 3 to 5 May with great scientific discussions, podium and poster presentations.

The highlights were the brilliant talk by Maria Sagarra (UPF) on “Mining of systems biology in silico data & real world data for objective stratification of knee osteoarthritis” in a collaboration with IMIM research, ERC Research, project O-Health & AgEInves project STRATO, and the great presentation of “Intervertebral disc patient-specific modelling & morphology mining” by Estefano Munoz.

During the same week, ESR Terence McSweeney presented the Disc4All research during the Spine Week 2023, in Melbourne, Australia, winning a young investigator travel grant.


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