Details of Structure of the Second Consultation Meeting to be Released Soon

The format and structure of the Second Consultation Meeting is currently being designed and will be released about a month before the meeting event.

The plan is for a two-part structure: 

  • In Part 1, clinical challenges will be presented as conditions that could benefit from the digital patient.  For each challenge, the feasibility of using the digital patient to manage the condition will be addressed by considering the scientific/technological/industrial challenges that will need to be overcome if the digital patient is to be successful in managing the condition. 
  • In Part 2, the scientific/technological/industrial challenges will be assessed on how well each was able to address the clinical challenges. 

The clinical challenges are currently being formulated, but the intention is to address a broad range of areas covering the central nervous system, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal system, cancer, and molecular medicine. These are just examples and if you would like to get involved and champion one, you are very welcome to do so! 

To be kept up to date, with details of the meeting, do contact us from our website



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