Current EU Funding opportunities for in silico medicine

The European Commission launched a next set of calls for proposals in the 2021-2022 work programme. These calls complement the previously published work programmes of Horizon Europe and EU4Health.

The VPHi is happy to support applications from its members by writing a letter of support, participating in advisory boards or, when appropriate, be a partner in the consortium. An overview of the work taken on by the institute can be found here.

Digital Europe Programme

The Digital Europe Programme is a new EU funding programme that aims to build societal capacity in supercomputing, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, advance digital skills, and increase use of digital technologies across society through Digital Innovation Hubs. The recently released calls are its first publishing of strategic funds (the full list can be found here):

The Coordination and Support action will map and link the actors and initiatives on DTH, develop a blueprint of and foster an inclusive ecosystem to share knowledge and facilitate understanding between developers, users, and decision-makers throughout the relevant sectors. This will include support for designing a ‘roadmap’ in view of both the uptake of DTH, and their further integration towards a comprehensive digital twin of the entire human body, taking into consideration different stakeholder groups, identifying the needs of end-users, determining the necessary enabling infrastructure and considering a framework for the deployment of digital companions;

Coordinate the deployment of a federated, cloud-based repository of DTH, inter alia by pooling existing digital twins in healthcare (incl. models, methods, datasets), gathering and analysing best practices, and identifying relevant technological standards, recommendations and/or guidelines geared towards quality assessment;

Develop and employ technical specifications and operational prototypes for a simulation platform allowing practitioners to design, create, test and validate digital twins in healthcare, linked also to high performance computing infrastructures.

(*) If you're considering to submit a proposal for this call, please get in touch with us

EU4Health Programme

The EU4Health programme aims to build a strong European Health Union, where Member States can effectively respond to health crises and medical supplies are more affordable and innovative. The agency will ensure that EU4Health supports national policies and enhances their added value. For 2021, the following EU4Health calls are planned to be published by HaDEA (the full list can be found here):

Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe works towards boosting Europe’s innovation capacity, competitiveness and job market. As part of Horizon Europe’s programme, the agency will implement actions and ensure the full evaluation process of the Mission on Cancer and the “HERA incubator” emergency call. In addition, the agency will help to ensure complementarity and seek synergies between the EU4Health programme and Horizon Europe Pillar 2, Cluster 1 – Health. For 2021, the following Horizon Europe calls are planned to be published by HaDEA (the full list can be found here):

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