CORBEL: 2nd Open Call for Research Projects

The CORBEL partners are launching a 2nd Open Call for research projects to meet the prevailing need for combined service provision from multiple research infrastructures across Europe.

Are you working on a complex research project in need of multiple, different  technologies?
Would you benefit from access to state-of-the-art research infrastructures and services that are not available in your current research environment?
Would integrated access to multiple research infrastructures take your research project to the next level?

More than 20 facilities from 10 different research infrastructures across Biological and Medical Sciences have joined forces and combine their technologies and scientific expertise to support advanced research projects.

Successful applicants will be offered open access to cutting-edge technologies and services  available at research infrastructures working in fields such as biobanking, translational medicine, clinical research, curated databases, systems biology, mouse mutant phenotyping, marine model organisms, advanced imaging technologies, high-throughput screening or structural biology. 

The access modalities vary between CORBEL partner institutes. In general, access can be provided on site or virtually, and experiments are either performed by you, the user, or by staff at the facility (or a combination thereof).

CORBEL funds will not be given to successful applicants directly. Instead, costs for travel to partner sites will be reimbursed (up to €5,000) and access to service providers will be granted without access fee (extra costs for consumables may apply).

CORBEL support will cover:

  • Costs of research infrastructure staff providing the services
  • Costs for instrumentation
  • Limited financial support to cover your travel and accommodations costs

CORBEL support will not include:

  • Consumable costs
  • Experimental costs required (if any) before accessing the services (e.g. mouse cohort generation, assay development, etc.)
  • Salary for your staff

Full information can be found on the CORBEL website

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