Commission announces new digital priorities for 2013-2014

The European Commission has published a Communication on the Digital Agenda for Europe: Driving European Growth Digitally which outlines digital priorities for 2013-2014.

The new Commission priorities will be:

  • Create a new and stable broadband regulatory environment;
  • New public digital service infrastructures through Connecting Europe Facility;
  • Launch Grand Coalition on Digital Skills and Jobs;
  • Propose EU cyber-security strategy and Directive;
  • Update EU's Copyright Framework;
  • Accelerate cloud computing through public sector buying power;
  • Launch new electronics industrial strategy.

Two items in the Communication are of particular relevance to VPH.

Update EU's Copyright Framework

Given the new challenges for intellectual property rights (IPR) in a digital age, the Commission intends to adopt a Decision in 2014 as to whether or not to table new legislative proposals to seek the resolution of copyright-related issues. This decision will likely be based largely on the results of a stakeholder consultation which the Commission will launch sometime in 2013.

Launch Grand Coalition on Digital Skills and Jobs;

The Commission states that there will be a major shortage of skilled personnel in ICT by 2015 and has announced a “Grand Coalition on Digital Skills and Jobs”. This group made up of representatives from companies and administrations active in the ICT sector will look at ways to increase the number of training placements for those interested in ICT. To aid in this the Commission will be launching an Action Plan to support web entrepreneurs in early 2013.

The recently published eHealth Action plan was also mentioned in the Communication as a plan which aims to “empower individuals to better manage and share their data, support e-health efficiency and promote combined organisational and technological innovation.” It is also recognized that ICT can help bring more personalised healthcare to the EU.

The full Communicationcan be found here.

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